Emu pairs mates every two days or a day and female starts to lay eggs from the month of august to march ,on an average female can lay 8 to 15 eggs in the first season and every year the egg lay increases and it also depends on external factory like climate,feeds and ect.

Average cost of emu egg will around 1000 rs and it varies depends on the states and emu birds demand.

How emu eggs are hatched?

Emu eggs are kept in incubator and it takes 56 days to hatch single emu aggs And hatching of emu eggs depends on the emu feeds as wells emu breeding management

How many eggs can be hatched in single incubator?

It depends on the incubator capacity and capacity available in market are around 300,600,900,1500 egg capacity

Is that possible to sell any where in india?

No you cant sell emu eggs and emu eggs should not travel longer distance and it needs to be sold or hatched with in very short (not exceeding 50 km)

What is emu egg carving?

Emu egg has three layers in the shell. The outside is dark green. The middle layer is teal, and the inside layer is nearly white. Occasionally there is a fourth layer, which is thin and rather gray, between the outside layer and the teal layer. Carving the eggshells seemed to use the colors of each layer to the best advantage

Emu eggs needs to carved by using carving tools and before carving inside emu egg needs to cleaned and once you get a fished product and it can be sold in any of the art and gallery shops or your can also sell carved eggs through online